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  4. My legal opinion quoted in the Coinsure cryptocurrency wallet theft case.
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  15. My opinion published in The Straits Times of Singapore in article “More Fraud Cases as India Embraces Marriage Sites” on 15th June, 2016. The link of the Article is below:
  16. Contributed and advised along with providing consultation in-person for drafting the Cyber Readiness Index for India made by Ms. Melissa Hathway who is a leading expert in cyberspace policy and cyber security and has served in two U.S. presidential administrations, spearheading the Cyberspace Policy Review for President Barack Obama and leading the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative (CNCI) for President George W. Bush. She is also, President of Hathaway Global Strategies LLC and she is also a Senior Advisor at Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center. The link mentioning my contribution to her index is below:
  17. My Article “Role of Digital Evidence in Divorce Proceedings” was published in The Huffngton Post on 13th February, 2017. The link of the Article is below:
  18. My Article “7 Steps to recover your money if You are a victim of an Onlien Recruitment Scam” Published in the Indian Express on 11th February, 2017. The link of the Article is below:
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  22. Technology Laws and Cyber Security Essentials for New Age India published in leading Security Magazine- Security Link India in January 2018 edition.