1. Cyber Crime Cases & Cyber Security
    1. Cyber Crime Litigation before Adjudicating Officer, Cyber Appellate Tribunal and High Court (Appeal matters).
    2. Information Technology Law compliance Advice and GAP Analysis
    3. Intermediary Guidelines Compliance
    4. Reasonable Security Practices Compliance
    5. Pre-litigation handing of Digital evidence and preparation of the same for production in Court of Law
    6. Digital Evidence
  2. Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace and Digital media
    1. Trademark issues and Domain name disputes in cyberspace
    2. Copyright issues of digital content and software
    3. Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement by litigation and Raids to forfeit infringing material.
    4. Metatagging issues in cyberspace
    5. Cybersquatting issues in Cyberspace
    6. Linking issues in Cyberspace
  3. Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Laws
  4. GDPR Legal Compliance
  5. E-Commerce Cases
    1. Drafting of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Vendor Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Data Transfer Agreements and Intellectual Property Rights Assignment Agreements.
    2. E-Commerce Compliance with respect to Section 43A of Information Technology Act.
    3. Legal Advice with respect to Taxation and legality of Business Strategy in cyberspace.
  6. Online Gaming Laws
  7. Online Pornography Laws
  8. Smart City Cyber Security Legal Compliance
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) legal compliance
  10. Privacy Law Compliance
  11. Digital Entertainment Legal Compliance